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Dexon BMP is designed for the business user, no technical gurus required.
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Dexon BPM has a visual designed to model and simulate your entire company: strategy, structure, data, processes, and people
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The model is converted automatically, in minutes, in a fully functional information system
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Your workforce can be geographically distributed, they can work from everywhere, even without a fixed schedule.
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Dexon BPM ensures that the work will be done in time, your company will be more productive.
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Dexon BPM

Dexon BPM is an integral tool for the digitalization of business processes, whose purpose is to support organizations to advance their digital transformation.  Dexon BPM is a SaaS on the cloud product.


the organizational structure: corporate strategy, structure, data model, information systems, people and business processes.


discover inefficiencies, bottlenecks, sub utilized resources, overwork, calculates the cost of running each process instance as well the processing capacity.


in a couple of minutes, converts your model into a fully implemented information system that automates your processes, ready to use


the progress of the corporate strategy in an automatic balanced scorecard, and also the performance of each process, organizational unit and person

Security first
PCI-DSS, DoD and ISO 27001

Dexon BPM complies with the highest information security standards including to mantain your information secure: none without the proper permissions can see, modify or download your information

Corporate clients
Million end users

Our Story

Dexon BPM is the result of more than 20 years of experience of Dexon Software, working with hundreds of corporate clients helping them to automate their processes and digitalize their business.  

Our clients are large organizations in different segments, such as government, healthcare, BPO, security and defense, energy, etc. in most of them, our software supports the operation of core processes, with millions of daily transactions.

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