Most companies find it very difficult to adapt their business processes to a rapidly changing environment, and it is even more difficult for their information systems to keep up.

Dexon BPM allows business users (not techies required!) to model and simulate the complete company in a 100% visual environment, and automatically generate in minutes, without human intervention, the information system that automates/digitalize it, including the integration with existing information systems. Other tools would need engineers and experts working for months.

At Dexon Software we have been making process automation tools for more than 18 years for more than 120 large companies that support more than 100 million end users with our software. Now, using that experience and technology we have built Dexon BPM as a B2B, SaaS solution in the cloud that can be easily used by any non-technical user.

Dexon BPM allow our clients to focus on their business purpose and mission, letting all bored and repetitive task to be automated by our software. Using Dexon BPM every job is meaningful, relevant, and fun.

You can start using Dexon BPM for free, doing some modeling and simulation​